Special Events

Fort Eustis offers a comprehensive program of religious education, worship services, family counseling and troop ministry at its three chapel facilities.

Fort Eustis

The Regimental Memorial Chapel of the Transportation Corps (Building 923) and Regimental Memorial Chapel Annex (Building 1005) provide many opportunities to worship in the Fort Eustis community. Catholic and Protestant services are provided and religious classes offered for Catholics and Protestants of all ages beginning at preschool. Groups and councils for Protestant and Catholic women, youth and volunteers also meet. The Fellowship House is a great opportunity for our IET Soldiers to 'hang out' after a long week and relax to a concert, video games and good food. 

Post Office Chaplain: 878-1316/1317

8th Brigade Chaplain Office: 878-2115/6031  

Contact the Chaplain via Email

Catholic Mass

                                                                                    09:30 am: Sunday                                                            Regimental Chapel        
                                                                                    11:45 am: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday                Regimental Chapel

Protestant Service

                                                                                    11:00 am: Sunday
                                                           Regimental Chapel

CHAPEL NEXT Contemporary Christian Worship

                                                                                   9:00 am: Sunday                                                              Regimental Memorial Chapel Annex, Building 1005

Latter Day Saints

                                                                          11:00am: Sunday                                                          Regimental Memorial Chapel Annex, Building 1005

Regimental Memorial Chapel  Protestant Religious Education

For additional information on protestant religious education call 878-1455

Sunday Morning Bible Study
Classes for preschool through adult

Adult Noonday Study
Tuesday 1130-1230
Chapel Lounge

Adult Bible Study
Tuesday 1900-2030
Classroom #15 

Men's Prayer Breakfast
2nd Saturday of the month

Protestant Women of the Chapel
Tuesday 0900-1145
2nd & 4th Wednesday 1900-2100


Regimental Memorial Chapel Annex (Bldg 1005) - Opportunities

Interactive Small Group Bible Study
Sundays: 0945-1045
Contemporary View of Christian Faith & Life

LDS Discipleship Training
Tuesdays: 1130 and 1900

Faith-In-Action Group
Wednesdays: 1130 and 1900

Contemporary Approach to Life's Issues

LDS Institute of Religion
Thursdays: 1130 & 1900


IET Fellowship House

                                                                    1900-2200: Friday and Saturday                                        Regimental Memorial Chapel Annex

                                                                        *Fellowship House: Open to IET Soldiers only*

                                                                                                                                                    Concerts & meal provided once a month

Chapel Youth Ministries

Catholic Youth Meet
2nd & 4th Sundays: 1600-1900

Protestant Youth
"Messengers 4 Christ"
Sundays: 1530-1700

Chaplain Family Life Center

The Family Life Center at Fort Eustis is open to all Soldiers and family members.   The Family Life Chaplain provides quality marriage counseling to soldiers and family members, Family Life Education, as well as assisting other Chaplains in their counseling responsibilities.  To set up an appointment or to find out more information, contact:

CH (MAJ) Scott Daniel
Phone 878-5808 Bldg 215 (off Calhoun St.)

Jewish Services
See the local telephone directory or search on-line for local synagogues.

Islamic Services
For information, search on-line Islamic Services for you local area or contact the Mosque & Islamic Center of Hampton Roads